Sunny Strasburg, MA, LMFT is trained as both a visual artist as well as a Jungian therapist. These two fields of interest intertwine in all of her work.

“I believe art can heal, and speak to parts of ourselves that have been buried or forgotten. I create art that speaks to the deeper psyche. My imagery is archetypal and dreamlike. Often, I use my own dreams, myths and cultural tales for content. My hope is that the work evokes an emotional resonance and nostalgia for something within the viewer. In engaging with the work, the viewer feels awakened to their own dreams and hidden aspects of their deeper selves.”


Sunny has over twenty-eight years experience as a professional artist and designer. For the past two years, she has been collaboratively painting with her husband, painter Martin Stensaas along with Benjamin Wiemeyer.

“There is a magical synergy between the three of us. Benny has an aggressive, angular decisive mark making…very linear and loud. Martin, in contrast, is more thoughtful and extremely skilled…he pulls the elements together in a unique way that unifies the composition. I bring an emotionally connected, feminine, figural style. This combination makes for an interesting blend of complimentary approaches that together seem to make a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

When we began working together, we could all feel the magic of this union. We decided to create more work together. We began painting regularly in our studio in Salt Lake City. We started two canvases the same day and all three of us jumped back and forth on them simultaneously. These marathon nights of painting are complimented with music, laughter, wine and good food.”

Sunny is experienced in children’s and graphic illustration and character design. Additional experience in life drawing, 3D modeling and animation, logo, website, and product design. Over eight years experience working in digital illustration for the graphics industry.  Bachelor Degree of Fine Art with a dual emphasis in graphic design and illustration. Self produced books, ,and Alchemist’s Path: Navigating and Reclaiming the Depths of Your Psyche, Goddess Alchemy: A Dream Journal, Art shows at the Bash Contemporary in San Francisco, Live painting at Burning Man and Das Energi 2014, The Gallery at Salt Lake Downtown Library, Temple of Visions, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Salt Lake Citizen, High Life Gallery and Alex Grey’s CoSM: The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Represented by Pod Collective and Light Science. She has had art featured on the cover of Catalyst Magazine three times. Sunny has displayed art with the Jung Society of Utah twice and a show at the Salt Lake City Downtown Library in January, 2012, . Sunny’s work has been featured at Desert Rocks , 2012 and Salt Lake Magazine, May 2012.Sunny currently provides depth psychotherapy for clients in the Web of Life practice in Salt Lake City, Utah, counseling couples, individuals and families.  Sunny’s counseling internships have been at the Carmen B. Pingree School for Autism, Odyssey House Adult Residential Drug Treatment Facility and Volunteers of America Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment and Homeless Women’s Outreach. She has several years of experience volunteering for Rocky Mountain Hospice, Faith in Action, Volunteers of America Center for Women and Children, Head Start, The Children’s Center and YWCA.

Sunny has hosted and produced events such as Mindbender at the Sundance Film Festival, Heart On, The White Party, Big Mind with Genpo Roshi, Conscientia and Workshop with Daniel Pinchbeck. Created, presented and facilitated The Alchemist’s Path, Sacred Love Urban Retreat, An Alchemical Gender Circle , Off the Mat and Into the World, The Insight Collective Empowerment Circle and other workshops throughout the United States. Sunny has given workshops at Burningman- Entheon 2009, Red Lightning 2011 and Envision 2012.


Group show “Red Tide” at Bash Contemporary, San Francisco, CA
Invited live painter onstage ar Das Energi and Sacred Spaces, Burning Man, 2014
Designed websites for,
Featured artist, Envision Festival 2012, Desert Rocks, 2012, Burning Man Salt Lake CIty Art 2011
Art show at downtown Salt Lake City Library, The Alchemist’s Path: Navigating and Reclaiming the Depths of Your Psyche, 2011
Illustrated, wrote and published The Alchemist’s Path: Navigating and Reclaiming the Depths of Your Psyche, 2008
Illustrated book cover art for, Movie Yoga by Tav Sparks, 2008
Illustrated, wrote and published Goddess Alchemy: A Dream Journal  2007
Moderator for the Pod Collective
Art Show, The Alchemist’s Path, Salt Lake Public Library
Art Show at the CoSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. New York City 2007
Art Show  and live painting at the Ruckus: Orange.  Salt Lake City, UT  2008
Art Show at IAMU World Gem Exposition. Tucson AZ, 2008
Illustrated children’s book; Gingerbread Jimmi for Holbrook Studios
Awarded four year, full tuition art merit scholarship, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
Gallery Artist at The Portal Gallery. Mt Shasta, CA 2000
Group art show Naturally Nude at Rare Images Gallery. Mt Shasta, CA 2000
Group art show invitational, The Art Store. Denver, CO 1996
Comic book art show invitational Grow Up! Los Angeles, 1996
3D Modeling and Animation, Book Illustration, Brainstorming/Creative Sessions, Computer Design and  Colorizing, Portrait and Caricature, Packaging and Displays, Logo Design, Character and Texture Design


Directed and edited live motion capture, as well as designed, modeled and created texture maps for 3D characters for Quest. Animated character and special effects for Centipede demo. Key-framed animations for X-fire full motion video “win” animation. Key-framed animated character for A Bug’s Life demo for Pixar/Disney; developed for Hasbro/EAI. Animated short clips for book, Gingerbread Jimmi
HTML and Flash website design:, www.funartexhibits,.com,,,,,
Writer for Reality Sandwich and Evolver magazines
Writer and Illustrator for Pacifica Graduate Institute Spring Journal
Tutorials Writer for Serious 3d Magazine about MetaReyes plug-in for 3d Studio; developed for Komodo Studi



  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Marriage and Family Therapist Intern
  • Graduate Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Depth, Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Life Drawing, University of California, Los Angeles, California
  • Computer Illustration Continuing Education Series, University of California, Los Angeles, California
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah



Marriage and Family Therapist, Jungian Psychotherapy. Private Practice. Salt Lake City, Utah

Live on Purpose   Salt Lake City, Utah


Fun Art Exhibits  Salt Lake City, Utah

Clients include Dreamland Village at Sundance Film Festival and Salt Lake Arts Council


Twin Mind Design     Salt Lake City, Utah and Mount Shasta, California

Clients include: JR Holbrook Studios, Axiom Design, MGA Entertainment, Westland Giftware,

The Hamilton Collection, The Bradford Exchange and Lyon Company/Vandor

Concept, Design and Illustration for Licensed and Exclusive Product Lines and Pieces:

Grateful Dead Merchandising, Kiss Catalog Ltd, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Harley Davidson, Rugrats, Cows on Parade, Rocky and Bullwinkle, The Pink Panther, The Doors, Garfield, The Three Stooges, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Natural Wonders: Fairy and New Celestial, Mystic Legends Dragon Series, Lodge Series, Seaside Series, Holt Renfrew, 50’s TV Shaped Tin Totes, Egyptian, Dragons, Bratz Special Markets


Engineering Animation Inc. Interactive Division, Salt Lake City, Utah                   


Acclaim Entertainment, Salt Lake City, Utah