Eros and Chaos

Eros and Chaos

Sunny Strasburg

There is first chaos and then surrender, and finally the dream that comes before welcoming in true love. I have done this… struggle, feel sad, and finally surrender. This transmutes into a quiet, and yet watchful, openness to opportunity.  Then love arrives into our world, and the evolution into Eros unfurled between two people with abandon. As James Hillman says, Eros is tied to chaos, and depends on it for its revivification.


Out of chaos, comes a moment to set the dream, the intention. Out of necessity we have to let go of everything first. Only then can we welcome the dream in, and allow however it wants to assert itself into our waking lives.  With humility, we wait quietly, and hone our agility to jump at the opportunity for love.


James Hillman  says, “Love that leads to psyche is not bound by human concerns and conditions. It is both active and receptive. It comes into life as a grace, so that, like the Psyche of the tale, one has a relationship to love itself.”


And here we are~ the dream becomes the reality.


If you’re open to it, this very Eros principle that brought you two together, will also bring just enough chaos and challenge to spark an ever-present new challenge and new chapter. Your task is to honor that erotic spark as it changes disguises and dances across different stages of your world.


And so I wish for your dream~ the love you have cultivated between you~ to be full of Eros…..but with a little chaos mixed in.


As Nietzsche says, You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.”

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