Love Crafting Workshop at Envision Thursday, February 27

I will be presenting Love Crafting Workshop at Envision Thursday, February 27 at noon in the Tea Lounge. Come join us!

Love Crafting: Intimacy Intro  (c) 2012 Sunny Strasburg, MA, LMFT

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Anais Nin

Do you want to feel pure joy and ease in your love life? Most of us really want that, but relationships are often more complicated than just loving enough.

Our lives offer a wide spectrum of different types of intimacy….we love our children, parents, friends, lovers, and life partners. Although all of these relationships have different roles and boundaries, in common in each is how deep we can open ourselves up to love. That’s because ultimately, all relationships are really about us.

Every relationship is a mirror—reflecting features of ourselves, offering direct experience of who we are, to see what we project outward, and the energy we resonate. Through this presentation, we can see a bit of why: what our growing edges are, and most importantly, offer a pathway to learn about loving ourselves.

Love Crafting: Intimacy Intro is a workshop exploring how we show up in relationship. Through dialog and interaction, we explore how we are blocked from having the love we desire. We look at both our own, as well as our loved ones’ styles of attachment and communication. I also offer practical tools to use in real-time to repair struggling relationships.

Whether you would like to bring more light and love to the current relationship you’re in, or gain clarity on the relationship you would like to attract, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to gain some insight into yourself and others. This process of loving yourself extends to enhancing the peace and fulfillment in all of the ways we love.

This insightful workshop will be facilitated by Sunny Strasburg, MA, LMFT. Sunny

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