“Nuguar” by Sunny Strasburg, Martin Stensaas & Ben Wiemeyer


Nuguar” by Martin Stensaas, Benjamin Wiemeyer and Sunny Strasburg. Acrylic on Canvas. 33″ x 30″.

I had a dream the night before I painted the Jaguar into the canvas. Here is the dream…..
She is waiting in the shadows of the forest. The dappled shadows of the jungle hide her perfectly, and I have a difficult time making her out. Then I see her eyes. And I notice there are serpents (all female), intertwining on the forest floor….caduceus. Jaguar is patient. She is watching the serpents, waiting for just the right moment to pounce. Then the message comes to me…”Timing is everything. Moderate your energy.”

This piece relates to our collective experience as well. As a collective unconscious, these times are calling for special awareness. I see what humanity must embody. To be patient, yet alert. And to take the right opportunities, but conserve our collective energy.

There is a right time to take action.

The plants are cultivation and medicine. Humanity’s amazing ability to form and shape what nurtures us.
And the crystal mountain with the alpenglow in the distance is the dream, the aspiration we have to reach the apex of human experience. Our Highest Selves.


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