Salt Lake City Downtown Library Art Show and Opening Jan 28, 2012


Balam with Vision Serpents by Sunny Strasburg
Balam with Vision Serpents by Sunny Strasburg

Sunny Strasburg: The Alchemist’s Path: Navigating and Reclaiming the Depths of Your Soul

Sat, Jan 28, 2012 to Fri, Mar 9, 2012

Talk and Art Show Opening:

Sunny Strasburg: The Alchemist’s Path: Navigating and Reclaiming the Depths of Your Soul
Jan 28-Mar 9
Artist’s Talk & Reception: Sat, Jan 28, 4-5:30pm
Gallery at Library Square
Main Library, Level 4

Presented in conjunction with After So Many Years by Steven J. Fawson.


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Artist’s Statement: “My art brings universal, archetypal imagery into conscious awareness. My intention is to bring lucidity to the emotional drives and experiences of our life journeys. My hope is that my imagery is evocative enough to stir the psyche and hopefully bring an emotional and insightful experience to the viewer.” Sunny Strasburg adheres to the philosophy that merging mind, body and spirit facilitates the deepest, long-term change. This in turn, opens us to live our lives fully engaged, excited and with a sense of purpose. Sunny has a Master of Arts degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Depth and Jungian Psychotherapy and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Utah.

“I love to merge psychology with art and see the how archetypal components interact with the psyche. I often use art in my psychotherapy practice.”

Statement Regarding this Body of Work:
Occasionally during a lifetime, one’s psyche bring us a series of memorable and significant dreams. Dreams always present us that which is on the cusp of our consciousness.

My artwork is imagery created from journeys in my own dreamscape. I created these works as I traveled on my heroine’s journey…a process of individuation. Although the art reflects my specific process, symbolically, it points toward the greater collective archetypal unconscious of which the viewer’s psyche is also a participant. I offer my art to serve as portals to access the viewer’s own particular symbolism.

The work in the show is oriented within the context of the Map of the Archetypal Psyche. This map can serve as our guide and an entry point to embark on our journey into the depths of the unconscious. The map encompasses the four fundamental elements of alchemy: Solutio (Water), Calcinatio (Fire), Sublimatio (Air) and finally Coagulatio (Earth). The various works explore blends of these ancient and elemental themes.

These archetypes are reflective of larger, meta-symbolic patterns and themes shared within the collective psyche. I encourage an open-ended interpretation of my works, and hope that the viewer can have a strong resonance with them to reveal something on the edge of articulation.

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