Saturday, 9/3, 3:00- 5:00 PM

Urban Love: Alchemical Gender Circle. Red Lightning Camp 4:45 & Esplanade

The intention and purpose of the Alchemical Gender Circle is to increase understanding of the experiences we have as men and women, both with ourselves and with one another. This is facilitated by enhancing the capacity to listen to another’s experience and creating an intentional space in which we feel open to communicate our feelings.

A lot of my new work will be displayed around the Playa this year. Check it out at:

HATU CORE PROJECT: 3:30 and Circle of Regional Effigies
Red Lightning: 4:45 & Esplanade
Rites of Zion/Temple of Boom: 10:00 & Esplanade

I’m scheduled to speak about the Alchemist’s Path at the Red Lightening Camp at Burning Man, Tuesday, Aug 30 at 615pm and Saturday 3-5. You can get them from me there! Also, many of my pieces will be out on the Playa and also at Red Lightning Camp.

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